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What We Look For

    We value individuals who are self-motivated, have excellent communication skills, and are willing to go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction.

Job Title: Purchasing Specialist 

Company: Shivtron SRL, Dominican Republic



Job Description:

Shivtron, a prominent mobile phone distributor located in the dynamic Dominican Republic, is seeking a highly motivated and detail-oriented Purchasing Specialist to play a crucial role in sourcing and procuring products for our diverse portfolio. As a Purchasing Specialist, you will be responsible for ensuring timely and cost-effective procurement of mobile phones and related products to meet market demands and company objectives.

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Key Responsibilities:

  1. Vendor Management:

    • Identify and evaluate potential suppliers, negotiate pricing and contract terms, and establish strategic partnerships to secure reliable sources for products.

    • Continuously assess supplier performance, quality, and delivery to maintain high standards.

  2. Procurement Process:

    • Develop and execute procurement strategies to meet inventory needs and demand forecasts.

    • Issue purchase orders, track order progress, and ensure timely product deliveries.

  3. Cost Analysis and Negotiation:

    • Analyze pricing, terms, and supplier agreements to optimize costs while maintaining product quality.

    • Negotiate favorable terms, discounts, and payment conditions with suppliers.

  4. Inventory Management:

    • Monitor stock levels, adjust reorder points, and minimize excess inventory while ensuring products are readily available to meet customer demand.

  5. Quality Assurance:

    • Collaborate with suppliers to ensure products meet quality and safety standards.

    • Address any quality or compliance issues, coordinating with the Quality Control team as necessary.

  6. Documentation and Reporting:

    • Maintain accurate records of procurement transactions and supplier communications.

    • Generate and provide regular reports on procurement activities and cost analyses to management.



  • Education: Bachelor's degree in Business, Supply Chain Management, or related field.

  • Experience: Demonstrated experience in procurement, preferably within the consumer electronics or distribution industry.

  • Negotiation Skills: Strong negotiation skills and the ability to forge mutually beneficial agreements.

  • Analytical Abilities: Proficiency in data analysis and cost optimization.

  • Communication Skills: Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English and Spanish.

  • Detail-Oriented: Exceptional attention to detail and organization in procurement processes.

Join Shivtron and contribute your expertise to the procurement process, ensuring that we maintain a competitive edge in the mobile phone market of the Dominican Republic. Your skills will be pivotal in securing quality products and fostering strong supplier relationships.

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